Counting with Common Cents Inc. was founded by a New York City Public School Teacher. 


Highlighted Qualifications of founding partners:

  • Master of Science degree in Education (with distinction)
  • National Financial Educators Council, Certified Financial Education Instructor
  • New York State Public School Teacher Permanent Certification:  Special Education
  • Author
  • A former registered representative,  Financial Advisor    


Counting with Common Cents Inc. delivers financial education in several ways.
The company...
  • Delivers financial education with real life practice for early elementary school age children.

  • Offers author visits and book signings

  • Creates workshops and programs that offer an opportunity for authentic and relevant practice.

  • Utilizes unique children's books and materials with financial literacy content that is age appropriate.

  • Ensures all materials engage students while meeting core curriculum standards.

  • Works with non-profit organizations to increase awareness.

  • Participates in community outreach.

  • Encourages children to take effective action.